Best Payroll Platforms for Small Companies?

Are you a small business? You might ask which solutions are the best for you. Good news is we’ve broken down the math for you.

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What specifically will I need in Payroll if I have Under 50 Employees?

Why does Good Customer Support matter?

Good customer support is essential for any company, but as a small company its likely there will be more guidance needed + support goes a far way. Do you need to call someone or prefer text? This is what will likely come up at some point, so best to do research

Small Company Tax Form Filing on Payroll

If you’re a small company you are likely to have to file a number of forms such as W9, W2 and 1099. Does the payroll company offer these forms? Will they file them for you? Its important to make sure that this type of support is included in making your decision, especially if you’re a small company with under 50 employees.

Which one Should I choose for my small company Payroll?

This is a great question. It’s best answered if you look at our comparison guide and see which platforms offer which features. Once you’ve done that the best idea is to then start the process of talking to support from each of the respective companies. Once you do that, having a fully functional payroll software that’s time saving for your small company can make a world’s of difference.