Though Deluxe includes some features that are confusing and others that you won’t use, it’s a good value for the money. You’ll pay a price based on how many people work for you and can get customer support both online and offline whenever you need help.

What is Deluxe Payroll?

Deluxe is a company with a long history of providing support for business owners in the United States. Since opening in 1915, it expanded its services to include things that people need in the modern age, including logos and websites. Deluxe purchased the company Payce Payroll in 2016 and rebranded it as Deluxe Payroll. Those services now include options for both small and large business owners as well as independent contractors. You’ll get support with tax laws and compliance to make sure that don’t face any fees at the end of the tax year or penalties the following year. We’ll go over all the top features and services in our Deluxe review to help you decide if it’s the best option for your payroll.

Features and Services

When you sign up for Deluxe Payroll, you get services that other processors do not offer such as identity theft protection that protects both you and your workers. It can help you identify security threats and prevent breaches from happening. If you want to send standard paychecks to employees, you can use the check printing services. Employees deposit the checks and see the funds taken out of your business account. You have the option of using direct deposit to bank accounts and payment cards too.


At the end of each pay period, you can submit your payroll details via phone or fax, but you can also log on and submit those records through a special system. This helps you avoid any mistakes that you might make when sending data differently. Deluxe Payroll has a simple dashboard that anyone can use too. This dashboard asks that you follow just three steps to customize it and send payments to employees. Customers also receive tax support to make sure that they stay up to date on compliance laws and pay their taxes as needed.

Who is This for?

A nice thing about Deluxe Payroll is that it is suitable for people working in any industry. It is especially helpful for those in the restaurant and retail worlds. These jobs typically do not include paid time off for vacation or sick leave. Employees receive a set amount based on the number of hours they worked in a specific pay period. Deluxe Payroll helps you adjust their checks to make sure that they get paid for every hour and a fraction of an hour that they work. You can also easily update the system when employees receive raises.


Deluxe Payroll is also suitable for those in the healthcare industry. Nurses and similar jobs often require long hours and shifts of 12 hours or more. Employees may receive overtime pay when they work more than 36 or 40 hours a week. This payroll processor helps you adjust their timesheets to show how many hours they worked and how much they earned. It also allows you to add vacation time and any other paid time off that they might get.


We recommend Deluxe Payroll for both contractors and those who hire contractors too. Contractors are independent workers who receive a 1099 form when they complete a job rather than a paycheck. They need to pay taxes on their earnings instead of an employer paying those taxes. Deluxe Payroll can help you keep track of any contractors who work for you and release their checks at the end of a job.

How it Works

Before signing up for Deluxe Payroll, you can enter your information in a small form online and wait for a representative to get in touch with you. This allows you to talk about your needs and get a custom quote to find out how much Deluxe will charge you. After becoming a customer, the website lets you set up your log in information and update the system to include how often you pay and the names, social security numbers and details about each worker. Logging into your account lets you reach out to the customer service department too.


Deluxe bases the price that you pay on the number of workers you employ. If you have up to five employees, you’ll pa $30 every week or month. When you have up to 10 people working under you, the price ranges from $30 a week to $50 a month. One of the things we like about this payroll processor is that it gives you different ways to pay. Not only can you pay for the services by the week or month, but you can set up payments every two weeks or a few times a month. The price for a business with up to 20 people ranges from $40 a week to $50 a month. Deluxe also offers packages for those with up to 50 employees for $120 a month or $60 a week. When you fill out a handy online form, you receive a custom quote that tells you how much you’ll pay based on the size of your business and the number of employees.

Customer Support

Customer service is just one of the things that customers like about Deluxe Payroll. Sending an email with your questions and account information is an easy way to get in touch and lets you get a response in around one business day. An online contact form is also available if you can’t find the email address. You have the option of contacting Deluxe Payroll over the phone too. As long as you stay logged into your account, you can use the help center to find questions and support too.

Final Verdict

Deluxe Payroll is a strong choice for those searching for a payroll processor. Though it doesn’t have as much experience in the industry as other companies do, it offers solid customer support and help that you can get at any time of the day or night. You’ll find modern technology that you can use as needed as well as support in other ways, including help launching a new website or designing a logo for a new company. Deluxe Payroll is a good choice for those in the healthcare, restaurant and retail industries as well as contractors.