5 Reasons to invest in Payroll Software

Investing in a payroll software could make the difference between countless hours of productivity. Here are the top 5 reasons to invest.

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What to look for in a Payroll Software?

Automate Employee Payments & Direct Deposits

Does the thought of spending Fridays with a calculator on desk and a pen in hand drive chills down your spine? Why spend hours upon hours calculating every degree of what your employees are owed (not to mention tax withholdings) when you can have a software automate this for you? Forget the frustration and time spent, but how about mistakes that overburdened people tend to make? Who wants to make silly errors calculating payroll then have to restart the process? A payroll processing software can keep life a lot simpler.

Calculate Taxes owed on Federal, State & Local Levels

The worst types of mistakes to make? Messing up with taxes owed. Imagine getting a large and unexpected tax bill with penalties/interest that could have been avoided. With a payroll processing software once an employee is set up in the proper jurisdiction, the software keeps sure that the correct tax withholdings are applied: Both the employee and employer contribution. Would you want to do that with the good old pen/paper/calculator regimen? We didn’t think so.

Automatically Deduct & Pay Taxes

Once you’ve calculated the correct tax amount, who wants to now go from agency to agency to manually make the payments? What if you knew that all of this could be done with the push of a button? Would you want to spend countless hours laboring over something that could otherwise be done so simply? Yet another place where a payroll processing software will make life easier. 

Reduces Costs

When we talk about countless hours being required to perform manual tasks, do you know what else belongs in the conversation? That’s right: It costs man-hours. Lots of them. In some states minimum wage is $15/hr and most likely you’ll be paying more. In just a couple hours of wages you can have a payroll software automating all of these tasks for you. Many things save either time or money at the expense of the other. How many things can you actually say do both? That’s right. Payroll softwares do.

Boosts Productivity

Do you want to spend time doing what you’re good at? Or do you want to spend time laboring over calculating precise amounts and then triple checking your work? And how about keeping it all organized? Sure doesn’t sound like a picnic to us. Time in the day is short. Spend that time running your business and not payroll!

Taken Together

It’s clear that a payroll processing software is worth the investment. The only next question is “Which one?” 

That’s why we’ve made this comprehensive buying guide to ensure you can make an educated decision on getting the solution that best fits your needs.