Paychex Review

See why Paychex ranks as one of the best payroll service provider for small businesses in our ultimate Paychex review.

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Intro to Paychex

Based in Rochester NY, Paychex has over 100 offices and services approximately 670,000 companies. In 2020 the company’s revenue was projected to reach in the neighborhood of $4.1 billion. Founded in 1971 by Tom Golisano with a mere $3,000 Paychex today has grown to be among the most known names in payroll processing and HR software with a market capitalization of over $30bn, 

What does Paychex Offer?

Paychex runs the full gamut from offering Payroll Processing and HR Services. The companies offerings are stratified to meet demands of companies ranging from SMB to Fortune 500. With PaychexFlex coupled with a 24/7 service platform, the company simplifies taxes on the federal, state and local levels. 


Paychex also offers a suite of HR forms and monitoring in addition to US-based customer service.401k Recordkeeping, Workers Comp planning & others round out the robust suite of all-in-one payroll/HR software.

Best fit for Paychex?

Paychex makes its mark in the SMB segment. Easily scalable, however manageable for a small team who wants the functionality of an all-in-one payroll and HR suite. At one time, the type of functionality available within this self-service platform was relegated to companies with excess manpower. That’s thankfully no longer the case. Whether you’re sending direct deposit, addressing HR or simply checking time records, the platform puts everything at the fingertips of a small to medium sized business.

Getting Started?

Check out on the Paychex website. Everything is self-service which means you can sign up and decide which option best suits your company’s needs. Need help deciding? Speak with sales and share your specific needs so they can help.


The most important thing to note is understanding your own needs. The company recommends calling in to explore needs and solutions. Pricing starts at $60/month for the entry-level Paychex Express Payroll. More robust packages, however, are available depending upon your company’s needs.

Customer Support

US Based customer support that’s 24/7 is definitely a selling point when it comes to Paychex.  Answering questions as well as guiding step-by-step with a number of processes is something that’s popular with a bulk majority of the client base. Email and chat support are available as well. 

Our Thoughts?

Paychex brings to market a stratified approach to payroll and HR. There’s a large suite of tools that will cover the bulk majority of business needs and with an entry point of $60 it’s accessible to SMBs, not to mention larger enterprises.