Payroll Software and Work-from-home: Making life easier?

Now that ‘work-from-home’ has gone mainstream, how can your Payroll Processing service make life easier?

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Making Life Easier?

Running Payroll Remotely?

A great thing about payroll solutions is that everything can be accommodated on one platform. This means if you have employees across town or even across the country, they can be housed in one place. They can get paid without having to pick up a physical check after work on Friday. Better yet no matter where they live their taxes will be deducted and paid, so this adds another layer of running a company supporting employees who work in places other than your office – and in some cases far away.

No Physical Presence? No problem.

In the current business climate many companies have turned to a remote structure. This allows for employee flexibility and also to hire in more cost-effective locales out of state. Having a payroll processing company who can support all the intricacies of every jurisdiction makes life a whole lot easier. After all, would someone in Pennsylvania want to calculate taxes in Oregon or Wyoming? With a payroll processing service, often times all 50 states will be supported making every inch of compliance a whole lot more navigable than before. 

Need Support?

Unsure of how exactly to run payroll for your remote or out-of-town employees? Unsure of what measure of compliance is needed? Best to contact your provider’s support – usually available by phone, email or chat. The good news is a lot of them are here to help and can be conducive to helping you handle payroll everywhere you aren’t (but perhaps your employees are)